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Team Uzima into Kenyan National Schools Finals

Exciting news reaches the club from Kenya where Team Uzima, proudly wearing their Vectis kit, have made history and for the first time qualified for the Kenyan National schools finals!!

The Uzima team now have the chance to travel to Mombasa in early April, almost 1,000km away, to take part in the prestigious National Finals in what would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for the children.

If there are any parents or companies associated with the club who would be willing to sponsor the Uzima team to help fund the travel and trip, please get in touch with the page for more details in the next couple of days. The Uzima charity has already managed to raise a large proportion of the cost over the last few days and need a final push to see if the 12 strong team can attend the event.

The boys out there were apparently immensely proud to wear the Vectis kit and it clearly did the trick on the pitch!

Please Click Here to find out more!

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